The fireplace has been the main source of warmth for the family home since time immemorial. Since it houses a volatile element like fire the fireplace might be comparable to a sleeping dragon in your home. During the warmer months, it sleeps and you can ignore it. When it starts getting colder, it wakes up and you start desiring the warmth it can provide you and your family. So here are some fireplace maintenance tips to keep your relationship with your home dragon a cozy one this winter.

Call in the Professionals for its Yearly Check Up

When dealing with gas fireplace maintenance, many experts say that you should have the various parts and sections checked about once a year. This is to ensure that everything works the way it needs to from the gas lines to the vents. No one wants to spend the colder months struggling with a fireplace that’ll only give you the cold shoulder. Make it a habit to have the experts check everything out once you plan to start using the fireplace again and have a warm time.

Keep the Fire in the Firebox, Not Your Living Room

When you have your fireplace serviced, one place that is vital to make sure is in good health is the firebox. As the main center of where the fire is actually burning, it needs to be able to withstand the most heat. Think of your firebox as the belly of a dragon: both have to be able to take the brunt of the fire when it’s created. Making sure that your firebox is in good shape before starting a fire will ensure that a cozy night at home doesn’t become an insurance and smoke mess.

Clean It up Before You Use It

A standard rule of thumb for any fireplace maintenance is to make sure that it’s clean before you light the fire. Because fire produces smoke this can cause a buildup of carbon–particularly in gas fireplaces–which leads to big problems. By making sure to keep the inside of your fireplace clean (including the chimney), you’ll be sure to have a merry time in front of the dancing flames.


Keeping warm in the winter doesn’t need to be hard work. By simply remembering to schedule service for your fireplace once every 1-2 years and keeping it clean, you’ll be able to sing ‘Let it Snow’ with abandon this year. Remember to treat your fireplace just as well as any other portion of your house and you’ll never need to worry about the dragon giving you a cold shoulder.