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3 Reasons Why Your Home’s Air Equipment Needs Love Too

Your home is the place where you spend the most amount of time. As the central gathering place for you and your family, you want to make sure that everyone is breathing the best air possible. When your home’s air equipment needs some care and attention, it can be useful to have the experts come take a look.

You and Your House Breathe Easier

Everything from the vents to the filters to an air purifying system lead to better breathing quality for everyone involved. Most people know that humans are much like plants in that we need a good air source to live better lives. When our homes are having a difficult time breathing as well, it can put a strain on you and your family. Having a professional come out to service your home’s air equipment can save your mind the worry and your home from working double time.

Air Quality

Likening a human to a plant is accurate in how we function and are able to breathe. When the air equipment in your home isn’t working the way it should, it can affect the overall air quality. When you suspect that your filters, air exchanger or purifier aren’t working the way they should, calling to get them serviced can save your family breathing concerns for the future.

Not Just the Filters

There are many parts to your home’s air system. From air filters to air exchangers and even air purifiers there are a lot of moving parts to ensure you and your family are breathing well throughout the year. It’s always important to double check with the professionals if you think your home’s air equipment isn’t working the way that it should be. Never simply think that changing the filters will fix the problem as there could be something more serious at play in your home’s breathing.


From making sure that you change your air filters frequently to calling in the professionals occasionally for any of the large air equipment, you can always guarantee that you and your family are breathing easy in the future. Make sure to always check with a professional when your home’s air equipment isn’t functioning the way it was designed to. Now it’s time to get back to being the healthy human plants you are.

35.5 Reasons Why You Should Appreciate Air Conditioning

Here is a riddle for you. What do the following things have in common: water, toothbrushes, toilet paper, electricity, health, memory, roads, heating, and air conditioning? Don’t worry. I’ll give you a minute to consider this.

Yes, these are all vital aspects of modern society and you probably use each one on a daily basis. More importantly though, they are all easily taken for granted. It is only when one of these items is taken away from us that their value becomes apparent. Now you can add a lot of things to this list, such as a best friend or your favorite coffee shop. But let us give pause and appreciate heating and air conditioning for being there every time we looked at the temperature and thought, “There is no chance I’m leaving the house.”

The most recorded rainfall in Orangeville on a single day is 84 mm. The record was set Aug. 22 1968.

Orangeville, Ont. on Aug. 3, 1988

Brian Mulroney was the prime minister. “The Flame” by Cheap Trick was on top of the charts. “Cocktail” was on top of the box office and thermometers across Orangeville, Ontario read 35.5 °C. This day turned out to be the hottest day in recorded city history. While we don’t remember the exact details of what we did that fateful Wednesday, we are sure that we were not alone in staying as close as humanly possible to an air conditioning unit.

Orangeville, Ont. on Feb. 18, 1979

The most recorded snowfall in Orangeville on a single day is 30 cm. The record was set on Dec. 12, 1972.

Pierre Trudeau was the prime minister. The first women were enrolled in Canadian military colleges. Roberto Luongo was still three months from being born and once you scrapped the frost of an Orangeville thermometer, it read -36.5 °C. You probably already guessed it, this was the coldest day in recorded city history. Again, we don’t remember exactly what did this day, but considering it was a Sunday, odds are slim that any of us ventured passed the front door. We can say with certainty though that the heating system at home was definitely operating at full capacity.

For our friends that visit our Alliston location, the temperature records are pretty similar. The hottest known day in Alliston is 36 °C on Aug. 8, 2001 and the coldest known day was -35.5 °C on Jan. 16, 1994. Thankfully locals had air conditioning and heating available to negate these record temperature highs and lows. Do not take your HVAC systems for granted. As we enter into the coldest part of the year, make sure your systems are operating smoothly. That way you will never get caught off guard when extreme weather strikes.


Fireplace Maintenance Tips for Keeping Your Winter Cozy

The fireplace has been the main source of warmth for the family home since time immemorial. Since it houses a volatile element like fire the fireplace might be comparable to a sleeping dragon in your home. During the warmer months, it sleeps and you can ignore it. When it starts getting colder, it wakes up and you start desiring the warmth it can provide you and your family. So here are some fireplace maintenance tips to keep your relationship with your home dragon a cozy one this winter.

Call in the Professionals for its Yearly Check Up

When dealing with gas fireplace maintenance, many experts say that you should have the various parts and sections checked about once a year. This is to ensure that everything works the way it needs to from the gas lines to the vents. No one wants to spend the colder months struggling with a fireplace that’ll only give you the cold shoulder. Make it a habit to have the experts check everything out once you plan to start using the fireplace again and have a warm time.

Keep the Fire in the Firebox, Not Your Living Room

When you have your fireplace serviced, one place that is vital to make sure is in good health is the firebox. As the main center of where the fire is actually burning, it needs to be able to withstand the most heat. Think of your firebox as the belly of a dragon: both have to be able to take the brunt of the fire when it’s created. Making sure that your firebox is in good shape before starting a fire will ensure that a cozy night at home doesn’t become an insurance and smoke mess.

Clean It up Before You Use It

A standard rule of thumb for any fireplace maintenance is to make sure that it’s clean before you light the fire. Because fire produces smoke this can cause a buildup of carbon–particularly in gas fireplaces–which leads to big problems. By making sure to keep the inside of your fireplace clean (including the chimney), you’ll be sure to have a merry time in front of the dancing flames.


Keeping warm in the winter doesn’t need to be hard work. By simply remembering to schedule service for your fireplace once every 1-2 years and keeping it clean, you’ll be able to sing ‘Let it Snow’ with abandon this year. Remember to treat your fireplace just as well as any other portion of your house and you’ll never need to worry about the dragon giving you a cold shoulder.

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